July 29, 2009

True Lies

Yeah, the movie by this name was good.. A nice Oxymoron, isn't it?? But this post is about the furore that a talk show has raised as it uses a polygraph analysis to ascertain if the contestant is speaking the truth! I don't understand how people find it entertaining to watch some unknown persons have his or her dark desires/secrets revealed...how does it entertain me?? Somebody's (not even a celebrity) personal life does not interest most people I would think Secondly, these polygraph tests are not foolproof by any standards.. Thirdly, the contestants are well aware of the polygraph test efficiency; they have chosen to participate for fame or money or both.
All this apart, if the producers still want to do such a show, I think such programmes will 'die a natural death' over time... Giving it unnecessary publicity by media is unwarranted, and my post is adding to the noise:-). Having said that, I wanted to reiterate that its time to have some nice entertaining shows back on TV as I wrote a couple of posts earlier.

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