November 21, 2010


This is just what I needed:).. Media has often been at the receiving end in this blog and today its at its best, probably:). Politicians, industrialists getting caught lobbying, etc., does not surprise me anymore. But its shocking to know that the half baked media in India are also as bad. Earlier, I only had a problem of the quality of reporting... But now, that they are no different from politicians and the rest, is a revelation! 

The media has always played a "Holier than Thou" attitude and has always pointed fingers at everyone while maintaining a self drawn halo around themselves... Well, this link will dissolve that halo in seconds:)

What is even more deplorable is the ganging up of all mainstream media and they have successfully blacked out this youtube video... The same media that would have jumped 10 feet if there was a probable scam in any part of India, has decided to go silent on this... This is good brotherhood, man! 

This same brotherhood among industrialists or political parties would be ripped and torn apart by these very media houses. Can there be a better example of double standard??

Well, I am actually glad this video clip has come to light... I couldn't stand these TV presenters wearing a "larger than life" virtuosic personality, anyway.

November 19, 2010

Reality Shows - what a misnomer

I guess we have been having reality shows on TV for some years now. Being a very rare TV watcher and a conservative one too, these shows have never caught my fancy. All I knew about them was what I read in the papers. It did surprise me that reality shows make headlines on the internet and the newspapers. And that was that.

But I happened to see the current Big Boss 4 on Colors Channel and and I must say that it is far from reality. I wonder whoever thought of calling these "Reality Shows". Its so cut off from "Reality", I wonder what will they call a programme on state of agriculture, or a programme that talks about urban - rural disparity, etc..

Its downright boring too!!! How can it interest anyone what some bunch of wannabe or failed actors do when they get holed up for 2 months in one house! The conversation was so boring and totally arbitrary. It was so bad that even the most boring film clip would be more entertaining. I wonder if people really enjoy these, it perplexes me. But judging by the number of advertisements, I guess I belong to a very small minority.

I was so glad when the government decided to pull this show up for adult content and move it to beyond 11 pm. But, my joy was shortlived. The advertisers moved court and obtained a stay on the government ruling! That brings up the other issue. If the Courts are so Supreme (pun intended), why don't they govern the country, why do we have politicians and bureaucracy? 

November 10, 2010

Naadha Vaibhavam: A grand Carnatic Magnum Opus

As part of 30th anniversary celebrations, The Art of Living is organising Naadha Vaibhavam, a grand musical symphony on 30th January 2011 in Chennai. The concert will have 5000 Carnatic musicians perform in unison, from the world over, on a single stage in the presence of H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The event will be the grand finale, signaling the end of the Music Season, in the city that prides itself as the Mecca for Carnatic Music. 

The event is particularly organized with the intent to offer a spiritual aura and desires to highlight the glory of Carnatic music to one and all. There is a buzz in the city with a number of musicians and budding artistes willing to participate and registering themselves. This event is likely to feature in the Guinness Book of World Records!! Its going to be on such a grand scale that I ask readers to just "Be there, be part of history, in the making:)".

Please stop by at for more details about the Event and The Art of Living.

November 3, 2010

A valid argument indeed!

Post the Commonwealth Games, there has been a lot of promise to clean up the cobwebs and bring in new blood into the Sports Associations/Bodies/Federations. Suddenly, it was discovered that all the office bearers of all Sport federations were above 70 years and that a retirement age must be put in place:). At the face of it, its a brilliant idea. But these shameless chiefs have turned the argument around and ask how come the same yardstick doesn't apply for political posts like the PM of the country, CMs of states, etc. I think this is a very valid point.

In a half hearted attempt to clean up the system, surely the politicians could have come up with a better idea, that will not boomerang on them and still keep these existing chiefs out of their posts?? How about proposing that the Chiefs can, at best have 2 terms at office? This can also boomerang on the politicians but atleast we will have a cap on the number of years these people can head Sports Bodies / country.

We need reforms in the political system very urgently.

State of Environment in India

We have the most concerned Minister of State for Environment in the country. He truly cares for the environment unlike most of his predecessors. He is so concerned for the Elephants that get killed by trains at night that he couldn't sleep for many nights subsequently. Soon, he came up with the bright idea that trains ought to be stopped at nights, so as to allow elephants freedom to walk around:-). Its another matter that its his very ministry, under his able guidance, that has been sitting on the file about the Elephant corridor in West Bengal!!

Today, our man is most furious with Harry Potter fans!! Incredulous, you say? Well, its true. He has got hold of a report of the dwindling population of owl species and some smart Alec has proposed that Harry Potter fans are buying the owls from illegal traders!! Now, how many people can buy and house owls at home? Can our Minister show some more concern to real issues that such news hogging stories?

What about alarming pesticide levels in vegetables, H'ble Minsiter? A recent TOI report says there is alarming level of pesticides in most vegetables. And what does he do about it? He promotes it further by stalling the release of Bt brinjal. Brinjal, incidentally attracts maximum pesticide use and farmers spray indiscriminately to reduce pest damage. Bt brinjal consumption is probably much more safe than the pesticide ridden non Bt brinjal:) 

And what about the environmental clearances, rather rejections our Minsiter so loves? He says no to something one day and after a few months reverses his stand. Or he says yes to something and years later, stops it because his party now has other plans for the tribals of Orissa.

I am not surprised by a report that he is apparently the most hated man in his own party and also outside. I wonder what the Environment thinks of him, though:)


I had an opportunity to visit a small town called Baramti near Pune in Maharashtra last week. Its Pawar land and there is no mistaking or forgetting this fact, even for a moment. He has a demi God status among the locals there, and anybody I spoke to, across different strata, worship him like God! I found it very amusing at first, having been in a city all the time. I, for one, don't know who the local MP is and I don't see this hero worship amongst any of my city folks even if they are more politically educated than me!

There was so much pride in the driver who drove me around and said, "Saheb ne kiya hai". I met a Scientist who heads an Institute there and I quote "He works beyond human capabilities and is on a different plane"

Great job indeed. Apparently, the town has always had some history but Pawar saheb seems to have brought it on the India radar. There is quite a number of industries, namely, steel, dairy apart from the number of sugar factories that dot the skyline.

Reminded me of another occasion when I went to Gwalior and whole place was owned by the Scindias. I was struck by the adulation at that time too but I attributed it to them being part of the Royal family.

So, if each MP can take care of his constituency like some of these people, I guess India will have a great future. 

Long Hiatus

Ahaa, I am back to my posting on the blog. I can't believe I haven't done a single post in two months! Seems ages since I even visited my blog.. I guess I have what is called the writer's block:-). There's been so much happening these past 8 weeks that I could have done two postings a day!

Anyway, I guess its time to write and enjoy the experience:). Well, these past two months have been hectic and enriching, both personally and professionally. And with regards to current affairs, there's been no dearth of interesting stories, right from CWG being a runaway success to being also most marred in scams and the plethora of other scams.

What is it with Indians? Why do we attract scams, as a country? Is there a deeper meaning? Is there a lack in our psyche or is the prevalent disparities too glaring?

Interesting to do some introspection, if not for anything, atleast for academic interest.

So, guys, do visit this blog often as I promise to post regularly:)