July 29, 2009

God's Own Country, indeed!

Had a sudden, amazing trip to God's own Country!! Sure, I've been to Kerala (atleast once a year for over 15 years now!), but my trips were always to Cochin and in and around that part of Kerala and occasionally to Southern Kerala. This time, I travelled north, to Kalpetta in Wayanad district. It is truly beautiful and I now think the tagline for Kerala, "God's own Country" is indeed befitting... Sure enough, the backwaters in outskirts of Kochi are beautiful, so is Kalady etc.. but Kalpetta is truly endowed with Nature in its pristine glory!! The moist evergreen forests of Western Ghats are so beautiful, I was transported to my College days when we made regular trips to the Western Ghats from Bombay.. I saw some lillies and ferns that are so peculiar to this ecosystem.
Our office in Kalpetta is probably the best resort-office one could hope to work in! Awesome view from office and the office itself is so enchanting!! The staff who work here are indeed so lucky!! 'wonder if they realise it though.. Check out some of the snaps I took of our office and the view of the hills yonder.
Even the guesthouse is the best place for a relaxing holiday with lovely, homely food, cooked with great care by a couple.. I am going to look for every opportunity to visit this office as often as possible:-)


Meena said...

Wonder how Keralites manage to live in the Middle East leaving this heaven behind

Raji said...

You will also be surprised to learn that Wayanad district figures as one of the 33 districts in India with high incidence of suicides!! Didn't want to spoil the post with such morbid stats