July 22, 2009

Complete mayhem!

I was in New Delhi for two days and that explains the title.. And yes, I went after quite a while.. I saw the famed and hyped BRT corridor... its the most insane idea the government can come up with, to spend money!!! All these days, the buses used to be on the left-most lanes and the bus stops were on the left side of the road.. and the cars used to ply in the remaining lanes.. Oh yes, nobody kept to their lanes, strictly, that's true... Surely, it would have been easier to fine and prevent lane crossing instead of dedicated BRT corridors. This BRT system is so crazy, the buses now ply in the middle of the road (like the trams in Kolkata, albeit a trifle faster:)) and the cars take the extreme left lanes... What has this achieved?? Actually, nothing, except ofcourse some jobs and money for those who made a living out of BRT. The car lanes are piling up, so are the bus lanes, they aren't any faster than they were previously..
This BRT has failed to improve public transport and facilitate more citizens of Delhi to use Public Transport! Its the biggest ill conceived idea to be implemented..

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