July 14, 2009


Yes, I am in a philosophical mood these days... after posting about commitment and dedication, I must also share with you another highly motivated individual who is a personification of the word Responsibility. I visited during the last weekend, a school for the Tsunami victims in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. The school came up as it was the need of the hour for the displaced, shattered families to get back to normalcy. And today, it is teeming with 500 students from LKG to class VIII. No doubt many people got involved to serve in various ways to make this school happen, right from identifying the land to construction, etc., all inspired by the Art of Living Founder, H.H.Sri Sri Ravishankarji.
But one individual who has been with this project right from day one to this day is a person I know personally well, who epitomises the word responsibility. While we embark on such huge projects, there are bound to be challenges of different kinds... from locals to donors... people who have done such projects will have similar experiences. But undaunted in his mission to run the school, he has taken the responsibility to keep the school running, growing in strength and adding new wings. I could feel his passion for the project when he said flatly, "The sky is the limit, there is unlimited potential here, for anyone who has an idea in shaping young minds". I could not agree with him more. I think education and quality education is what is going to help this country get over the poverty trap we are in. And I salute all indiviuals who work towards this in our country!

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Raji said...

If any of you reading this post wish to contribute or learn more about the school, you can contact Mr. Joseph Enok at enok2@hotmail.com