July 9, 2009

Special full moon

For me, of all the full moon days, Guru Purnima holds a special place in my heart. Guru Purnima is the day to feel grateful for the great knowledge you have received from your Master. It is time to review how much knowledge we could ingrain in our life in the past one year. This may bring about a realization for scope of improvement which in turn will bring humility in us. Being grateful for the way this knowledge has transformed us. Just think how I could have been without this. There is a definite change inside us. If we cannot see any change, then we haven't had a good look at ourself. Gratitude and humility together blossom a genuine prayer inside you!

My Guru, H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar goes on to say that although its celebrated as the day of the Guru, its actually the day of the 'devotee':-).... HE very beautifully goes on to add that there are three kinds of people who go to a Master. One is a student goes to learn something, just as we go to school to study different subjects or go to a music college and learn to play a guitar. Second type is a disciple who goes to get something, either knowledge, wisdom, fulfilment of some desires. The thrid type is a devotee who wants nothing, neither knowledge nor enlightenment! He simply rejoices in the presence of the Master and is in complete joy with the divine!!

So beautiful, isn't it?? HE then adds that "Students are many, Disciples are few and Devotees are rare!! I would like to think of myself as a Devotee:-)

We had amazing celebrations in Chennai on this occasion and I will upload some of the pics when I get them.

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