July 29, 2009

Vaastu anyone??

This is not about Vaastu Shastra as is commonly referred to... I would like to make an observation that many of you may have also stumbled upon... Have you noticed that the Southern part of any city is considered more posh as compared to the other places?? Its always South Delhi, Chennai, Bombay, Calcutta, Bangalore that command premium rates as compared to their North, East, or West counterparts. Ever wondered what the reason could be?? I would think its something to do with Vaastu (By the way, its just a hunch, I ain't no Vaastu amateur, leave alone expert). I would like Vaastu experts reading this post to please leave your comments; comments from non vaastu experts are always welcome too!
And within a suburb, its always the West that is more upmarket than the Eastern cousin... Have your observed that?? Its very true of every suburb in Bombay.. Why do you think this is the case?? What's the larger pattern... can we extrapolate this?? No... when it comes to countries, the North is far more developed than the South, we say.. And the West is considered superior to the East (I don't personally agree:-) but I am talking of public perceptions)
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