July 14, 2009

Commitment and Dedication

These are words we know that will take us a long way and all our teachers, masters have often asked us to inculcate these qualities... I quite thought I knew what they meant till I met one person in a town called Trichy. Talking to this man was a humbling experience... I realised I was seeing a personification of the two words - commitment and dedication... He is a project director for an upcoming orphanage and he took me and my friends around and explained the little details as he went about building the orphanage. Having lived in a hostel right from school days, he has a phenomenal experience of the psyche of a orphan.. He has implemented each and every angle of the life and dreams of an orphan and has taken great care to ensure each child would be grateful to have been an orphan.. for getting to stay in one of the only kind of orphanage, perhaps!!
The whole project is through generous contribution of one individual but often we see the project director is simply supervising the project. But here is a man who lives with the labourers from 7 am till they leave the site each day and attends to each and every detail as the buildings come up. He is about 60 years now and has adopted ~ 6 orphans in his life and they are now settled in a job and family!! I could feel the satisfaction in his voice as he was sharing his life story with me..
You wonder what was I doing there?? Well, he wanted to start agriculture on the 40 acres of land that forms part of the orphanage campus... and I went to suggest some possible crops and methods that he can adopt, as the land has never ever been used for cultivation, as per land records.. This will serve the twin purpose of revenue generation for the upkeep of the orphanage and also teach the orphans the nitty gritty of agriculture.
He took us around the building that will be teeming with orphans from 2010 and showed us the care with which each room, dining area, wash area, rest rooms, corridors, wall colours, etc. etc will be a comforting and pleasing experience for the inmates..
Indeed, the orphans who will be living here are lucky from one angle.
I am so glad to have met such a man who can motivate so many orphans and also visitors like me:-)

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