July 2, 2009

Beat it

I've been caught by the MJ bug too!! Since 26th June, we've been waking up each morning to listen to new twists and turns on MJ and the circumstances surrounding his death. All controversies apart, he was truly a brilliant entertainer. No two ways about that. All radio stations have been playing his numbers this past week and I must say, he truly desrves the title 'King of Pop'. Its more than 17 years since Thriller, and there's not an album to Beat It:-). I still remember dancing to this album in school and thumping desks in between periods to this song..
But I am shocked how insensitive we are to people, and their lives... no doubt he was a public figure, but can't we just allow him to RIP? Each day, we are subjected to sleaze and gossip on how many prescription drugs he was taking, how many injection marks on his body, that he was bald, that he ate only pills and no food and what not!!!

I am probably adding to the junk that is already being brandished on the net and so defeating my own argument, but I simply wanted to post after reading about a conspiracy theory that MJ is alive and well and all this news about him is a planned ploy to stage a brilliant comeback by the King of Pop himself!!! This simply took the cake, from all the theories I've heard so far!!

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