May 18, 2010

Back to some kinda routine

Have been mighty busy at work and home... working and socializing these past two weeks. I am off again for a tour end of week... I've been wanting to blog about so many things, just didn't have time to collect my thoughts..
Been with a bunch of kids these few weeks and they do drive me nuts!! Oh yes, there's 30 of them and they are from a neighbouring state... These kids behave like adults and seem to know many things and talk like adults but they don't know simple things like they need to wear comfortable shoes for a field trip and carry their bottle of water!!

So, you guys know what I am up against and why there are no updates on my blog:-). But kids are kids and they are endearing in their own way.... I have been touring Tamil Nadu and have lots of interesting stuff to share and hope to post quite a few in the next 24 hours.