June 5, 2009

Improvised Dosa

Happened to share this recipe with a friend and thought it was a good idea to post it... Till I shared the recipe, I had no idea that it was a little known variety of dosa. So here it goes.... when the dosa batter goes sour, no sweat, that's when this improvised version tastes best:-) ( hey, that rhymes well). Deep fry moru mollaha ( green chillies soaked in butter milk and dried in sun) and add to sour dosa batter. Mix well and make these dosas in a kadai.. The downside is it consumes more oil than the regular dosas but its not every day that you're gonna have sour dosa batter at home.. so go ahead and indulge:)

To the uninitiated on kadai dosa, put a little oil in kadai, when ready, place a laddle full of batter, spread and leave the laddle over it to ensure the dosa spreads evenly. And in this case, ensure, there are enough moru mollahas in each dosa. Alternately, spread the dosa batter and insert the moru mollahas into the dosa in such a way that every piece you eat will get a bit of the chilli. Turn it over and ensure both sides are done well. And volia... tasty dosas ready to down, with no side dish required. Polish off with some buttermilk to have a complete fill.

Those of you planning smaller cocktail dosas can also try this one out! Do let me know how it turns out!

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