June 6, 2009

M S Dhoni

I like this guy's ishtyle! He is good on and off the field, indeed. Yesterday, our media reported some rift between Sehwag and MS Dhoni. But I liked the way he gave it back to them... We've had captains caught in similar situations before but they have usually chosen to be silent and deny only when asked.
But our man addresses a customary pre match press meet with his full team present, says what he wants, and leaves before any media guy could begin asking a question. He simply rubbished the report and apparently as he was leaving, he tossed a stack of printed copies of his statement at the reporters and said, "here, otherwise you will misquote me on this as well [Nahin toh tum log isko bhi ulta likhega]".
I do particularly like it when the media is put in place:)

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