June 24, 2009

Science Talk

I recently came across an article that says plants grow faster when spoken to and significantly faster when spoke to, by women!! You can read more about it here. Interesting indeed!! I am always fascinated by plant growth in vitro or in vivo, and I personally have always noticed that plants like to be spoken to...

When I work on plant cultures, I distinctly felt that plants (even explants, viz., tissues) grew well when I wished them in the morning and sat with them for sometime, even hummed for them:). There were cultures that didn't see me everyday and I always felt they looked less healthy:-(. I never gave it much thought as its difficult to quantify these changes scientifically and prove these observations.. But this recent research by the Royal Horticulture Society, London, has got me thinking... Maybe I could design an experiment and do some analyses by the side, of my main research focus..

Any comments / ideas are welcome!!

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