June 26, 2009

Bloggers of the World Unite!

Recently, Blogspot was in the news as there was a legal case of pulling up a blogger and asking him to withdraw posts... You can read the full story here.
This has re-started the debate in my mind.. How much freedom do we have after all? Is there anything called 'freedom of expression' in a democracy? This is a nagging question for me, particularly since I have had to withdraw two posts from my site!! Ah yes, in my case it from friendly advice from family:) and I was forced to withdraw much against my wishes... And pray, what was the post about?? I was merely giving my personal comments on a judgement passed in the court regarding a couple who wanted to go for abortion in an advanced pregnancy!! I was told told that I was doing a contempt of court if I as much as disagree with a judgement!! Now, is this really true?? I still don't know but my family was so scared for my life that they simply had the final word on this and I meekly complied:(
But I do hear debates on various issues for which judgements have been passed, on TV and people do have difference of opinion on issues.. Can anybody please tell me what is 'freedom of expression' mean in a democracy like ours (India)??

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