May 30, 2009

Inner party democracy

Now, have we heard of this.... Inner party democracy in India??? That's how great the World's Largest Democracy works!!!
Take any party under the Sun, from National to Regional parties, they all share a common bond... none like to adopt democracy within the party. What has this led us to?? Dynasty rule, psychophancy, corruption, leaders without merit, and I can go on... Has this not led us, Indians, into a cynical, apathetic lot? Most of us are so de-motivated, we don't want anything to do with the political class. But is this the right approach to adopt? Shouldn't and wouldn't we like a change?
India's problems are plenty and complex and diverse, but we can start somewhere... My suggestion is a good place to begin reforms is to have elections within parties. The Election Commission can make it mandatory for all parties to conduct elections for recognition or face disqualification. Before you scoff / laugh at my suggestion, just look around the world. Look at US, how fierce and close the contest was between Mr. Obama and Ms. Hillary to get elected as the Democratic nominee... Isn't that how we must be? I am not a US admirer in many aspects but I do think their political strength and the quality of leaders they produce is because of the high degree of democracy within their party
I may sound naive and ideal but I think wisdom is in having a blend of idealism and pragmatism in life, else we will all end up as highly, disgruntled, cynical, selfish, pessimistic individuals.... Care to comment??

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