June 15, 2009

Inghe Brahmanan!

Before I realised, our home had an influx of brahmin priests - come to perform a homam. We usually don't have such events at home and so was rather uncharacteristic. The occasion was our house re-warming after a complete makeover that we subjected it to:)
It was quite a task organizing for the event, ingredients for the homam, per se, and the most important of all, arranging for lunch.. A very enterprising lady bravely announced she could cook for the 30 plus guests with ample help from her assistant... So, off I was from work... shopping in Mylai streets for sticks / dung / flowers / fruits / spl ingredients for the homam, not to mention groceries and veggies:-). On the whole the exercise was enjoyable but I wonder if I will inflict myself with such an event if I had a choice:-). Check out the snaps in the link provided here
Those of you who are wondering why I have given such a heading for the post, there is a serial currently showing in one of the tamil channels - Enghe Brahmanan that talks of the life and times of the brahmin community:)


Ramanathan said...

no the serail talks how the brahmnan should live and explains the meanings of vedas and removes certain misconceptions prevelant among indians . explains various traditions and customs and the significance; rgds sury paris

Raji said...

Yes, I guess so, I have watched only a few episodes but from what I gather from folks at home, apparently, the purists are not too happy with the portrayal of today's Tamil Brahmin