June 6, 2009


Yes, we recently had a make over of our home.... it was a crazy one month and more but was exciting in many ways... Discomfort apart, I liked the choosing of tiles, flooring options that I learnt, and how quick some carpenters can be:).. I am happy to post a link for you guys to see and comment.
If any of you are planning a similar exercise, I will be more than glad to help you out. What's missing in the link, but a major exercise we undertook are the Fenesta windows. They are the current rage...UPVC windows and they sure look neat and chic. I liked their options with bug screen and different glass windows to suit the place. They are amazingly sound proof, with triple sealing, channels to drain rain water and glass that keep out the heat by 30% (unverified:-))
With regards to flooring, we experimented with a wooden floor for the master bedroom. Looks grand.. I highly recommend it to people, particularly rooms that have less traffic.. It definitely feels nice and easy to walk on it, barefoot... can't say the same of the vitrified tiles we have laid in all other rooms. Oh yes, they are easy to maintain and no hassle at all but hard on the feet, while the wooden flooring requires a whole new set of rules for inmates, maids etc.. But nett nett its worth the effort and more..
As we all know, the soft furnishings like curtains, light fittings have actually made the home very inviting, cosy and warm. So, look forward to welcoming you all home!!

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