June 29, 2009

Different Strokes from Kapil Sibal

I never thought much of our minister for HRD during his earlier stint as Minsiter for S&T. But I must admit, I do admire his latest proposal to scrap Class X board exams. This is indeed a very progressive, bold move... The kids have the XII boards anyway... why have one at class X at all... I must admit that I will remember this minister for many years to come if he is indeed able to push this proposal through quickly... I recently read an article by Ms. Renu Balakrishnan, a creative writing expert (whatever that means:-)) and couldn't agree with her more on this subject!!! You can read her article here.

Children deserve to have fun in their childhood and school should be a fun place, not one boring, cramming session followed by another!!


devarajan said...

I do not go along with the idea of scrapping tenth standard public examination. In India, in the case of the school-going children, drop-outs are more. So, for the children, who somehow pass upto 10th standard, 10th standard will be a milestone (school final - public examination) and will be a respite, if not an end. After that, they may choose some vocation and continue their studies later at any stage, if they are fortunate. When they are grown up and are asked about their education, they can proudly say I have passed school final. But, if Minister's idea is implemented, they have to say I have studied upto 10th standard. Moreover, plus two has specialization of subjects and is a place for choosing one's subjects, centred towards career-building. Therefore, 10th standard students should, in my opinion, be given an opportunity to appear for public examination; they should not be deprived of this. As soon as I saw this news item, the above thoughts flashed in my mind. I just used this platform to air my feelings, but not with a view to present an opposite view.
- Devarajan MK

Raji said...

Yes, you have a point. That is why the X boards is proposed to be optional, so those students who wish to write the X boards can do so. Going forward, however, I think promary edducation in India should be till class XII.

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