March 5, 2010

Recall bug

Since the beginning of the year each auto major has been recalling some of their models to fix a glitch. While we have all heard of recalls before, never has there been such a spate of recalls all happening together, as in these past 2 months.. Toyota started it, followed by Honda, GM, Maruti, Peugeot and God knows if there are more on this list that I am not aware of!!

Is there more to this than meets the eye?? I somehow suspect it to be the case.. All these majors also insist that none of these are major faults and none of these were brought to their attention by customers but the companies have discovered the flaw and wish to rectify them... This does sound highly improbable... Some of the models being recalled are as old as 3/4 years since they hit the road, how come the companies took this long to discover the glitch, that too, on their own??

There is something distinctly fishy here... Can somebody please throw some light on this matter?

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