February 25, 2010

A ray of hope for Indian Scientists, at last!!

Finally, the PM has spoken on the Bt brinjal isue and I am indeed glad that good sense has prevailed. He has taken a firm stand and has clearly spelt out the need to have a time frame and not a moratorium as Shri Ramesh had decided. I am so glad. Readers must read the full article.  

Infact, after the circus of consultations across the country and the nonsensical arguments I was glad the commercial release of Bt brinjal was put off... because in the face of so much opposition, its better not to release the first edible GM product, the reason being, even a weather failure or wrong practices of the farmer would have been attributed to Bt brinjal as the villain:-)

Having said that, I was also concerned that the Minister fixed no time frame and did not identify the Institutes to do the tests he wanted nor did he specify on who the onus was to improve public acceptance. But this article in the Indian Express from the the PMO has really brought some light on this issue for us, scientists. I was so disillusioned these past few weeks that I was wondering the purpose of my research. Infact, I asked Shri Ramesh this very question of a need for time frame... He, as expected, evaded the question and said it could be weeks to months.. 

So, its party time folks!!


aoldeva said...

Please watch the video where Sri Sri has expressed opinions on GM products and particularly, Bt. Brinjal. If required, you can have a brain-storming session on this topic with him. (Of course, it was accidedntal that my opinion and his opinion tallied.) Since you declared that you have accepted him as your Guru, I am making this comment.

Please do not identify you with the thought you are an agricultural scientist. That identification creates love and affection to your profession and hinders independent thinking.

If I am overstepping, please pardon me.

All these things (bt. brinjal) will lead to our dependency on / slavery to the US, who is already arrogant.

If the US citizens are pushed to our country's situation (more population and less area), see how US will be so much barbaric.

US and US people are cosmetic people. If you remove the costmetic, you can see only the ugly side of the US.

Still, there is no change in my opinion, that is, EVEN THINKING OF Bt. BRINJAL SHOULD BE BANNED.

Raji said...

Oh yes, I know HIS views on the subject and I have had personal discussions with HIM on the issue. We live in a democracy and you are entitled to have your views. I know the subject in depth, and therefore know what I am talking about, unlike many others. While I agree, India needs to be a sovereign country and not a slave, we need to use technology and strengthen our research and not live in paranoia, is my stand, on the issue.