March 11, 2010

A Must-See Presentation

Many of you may have seen the presentation by Gurucharan Das on India's future. Those who haven't yet, please do see the lucid ppt, so typical of him, in the link provided. I, for one, am particularly struck by the elegant analysis and comparison of India with China.

The first part of the story traces India's growth so far and it is very heartening to see the patterns in various sectors. And very nicely, he explains where the problems lies - in Governance. If we can set that right, there is truly no stopping India. Even if we don't get the perfect governance ( I am not an Utopian:-)), a marginal improvment by 25% will have dramatic impacts asross all spheres.

After listening to many doomsayers and models that predict anything short of disaster and apocalypse, this comes like a breath of fresh air, to use the cliche