March 29, 2010

IPL - Version 3

Well, its two weeks of this hyped up sporting event called IPL - 3. Well, I have been following it from afar and it clearly seems to have gotten bigger and better... there will be two teams from next year, we are told. The two new team owners seem to have committed an astronomical sum to buy the fanchisee. I do wonder, if it makes any economic sense!! I agree with Lalit Modi when he said, there is no recession in IPL:-).

Unlike past years, this IPL season has more Indian players than before, in the playing 11. This is obviously good for the Indian boys, except the fatigue factor, as we prepare for Twenty20 World Cup next month end. Ah yes!, we've had surprises galore, in these weeks... And Sachin seems to be in amazing form... I have always been a die-hard fan of Sachin but I think, today, he has far fewer critics than he did 2 years ago. I thought it was rather uncharitable by Santosh Desai to attribute this tremendous form of Sachin, to his Stars, in the TOI today!!!

We ought to give him credit, when its due.. Although I quite don't like Saurav, I had to admit his spirit when he clawed his way back into the National Squad 3/4 years back when he was unceremoniously dropped.

From how it looks so far, MI and RR seem to have got the momentum and will definitely make it to the final four. The others, barring CSK and XI seem to have a fair chance to make it to the final four. CSK has been a huge disappointment, this season.

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