March 20, 2010

Climate Change in Kerala, for sure!

I went for a very short trip to Kerala over the last weekend. I was shocked to see that it was hotter than Chennai!! This is apparently some very unusual high temperatures for this time of year.. I remember the locals taking pride in their weather and telling me how it stays moderate right through the year and never breaches 35 C. Well, all of them are in a state of shock and have no clue how to manage with this weather. Everyday, newspapers were talking about 5/6 people being affected with sun burns and blisters on their skin and hospitalized!!

We had an amazing early morning darshan (Nirmalya) of Guruvayurappan. It so happenned to be the first day of the Malayalam month and I was again shocked to see a 'sea of people' at 2 am! The discomfort of waiting for ~3 hours and more at that unearthly hour was instantly forgotten after the darshan. We have promised Guruvayurappan to come back for more, but not again on the first day of a malayalam month:-).

We happenned to do some social calls and was pleasantly happy to note the lifestyle of an elderly couple in their late 60s. The wife walked for 4 kms for 4 days in a week for 4 months, to attend a IGNOU certified computer course:-). She is now smart & savvy and on FB and emails her children every other day. Her husband, not to be left out, went for driving classes and is now a proud owner of a driving license at the ripe old age of 70! I salute the spirit and enthusiasm in them. 

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