March 23, 2010

Misplaced enthusiasm or can I say Misplaced activism!

I am sure very many of us come across such kind of people in our lives, at work, home, maybe even neighbours. They can be quite stupid, you know:-). There is a tree in bloom, in our appartment and its branch is just above my car. The pollen from these flowers leave a sticky mark on the glass and is extremely hard to clean as they seem to be laden with lipids (yes, lots of cholesterol, don't know if its HDL or LDL:-)). If I request the branch to be cut, there is resistance from a neighbour who claims its not to be touched and its a medicinal plant:-) and its apparently emitting some ions to purify the place. For Pete's sake, all I am asking is the branch to be cut which is harmless to the tree and actually good for the tree (to be pruned). Reminds me of the AC advt on TV that claims to emit Vit C molecules through its vent:-). Wonder if it has some citrus fruits stocked up inside to do the job. Hahaaa.

I am planning to have a friendly (!!) chat with her soon and explain my reasons... Hopefully, she'll come around, else, I plan to swap car parking space with hers:-). But it set me thinking... why are people so funny? Some years ago, I remember there was a huge hue and cry in the city by these funny people who insisted that trees not be cut while widening roads! In other words, they said, the trees should be allowed to stay in the middle of the road and obstruct traffic!! Then the HC intervened and set up an expert group of plant lovers, historians, botanists to study this and come up with solutions. I was so glad to see this group give very practical solutions. They said, trees were important and good for any city/town but they should be where they can grow well - not in the asphalted roads! they suggested that for every tree felled, 10 new saplings could be planted in a forest area or public park /garden.

This tree in our building grows from a cramped 1 foot space adjoining the compound wall and its branches and roots are on the wall and will definitely weaken the wall in the long run. Besides, it may be a medicinal plant, so what? Are we harvesting the leaves and supplying to some Ayurvedic clinic? It really beats me why a branch of a tree, however useful, cannot be cut.


Raji said...

In case anybody is wondering, Aall eez well:-)

峻帆 said...

Cast not the first stone. ....................................................