March 31, 2010

Nice trends

Very often we get into the mode of how things were great in the past and not so anymore etc etc.. you know what I mean.. But I wanted to share some good services that I am now seeing that was non-existent before. There is a very convenient service that I availed of recently - a house cleaning company. They do a thorough job of cleaning the place inside out. Had a place locked up for years and I was dreading the cleaning operation!! I plan to do it for our current home too, once a quarter... Saves us the hassle of buying different cleaning solutions and implements, not to mention the time and energy!!

I also have signed up for an AMC for the car! There are these professional cleaners who come and do a thorough job on the car - interiors and exteriors. I have long wanted to use rubbing / wax polish on the car as my dad used to do decades ago... but I never had the time! Now, these guys spend ~ 2 hours on the car every month, vaccuming, shampooing and polishing and finally silicon and uv coat the car!! (whatever that means). They did that today on the car and I feel really good:-). Here's to these new convenient services that makes our life so easy - or lazy??

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