March 30, 2010


I have this rather Utopian idea that I think can be made realistic and practical with some fine tuning:-). In the light of growing food shortage that may assume a crisis-like situation in our country, and increasing change from turning agricultural land to SEZ etc., I propose this rather simple idea ( not as simple to implement though:-)

Nationalized banks to a large extent buffered India from the global meltdown, similarly, each state must, rather, earmark some percentage of their farming land to be brought under Government Management. We can use the NREGS for farm labour and practice agriculture. With all due credit, NREGS is a rather inflationary measure and the output is practically zero. Instead, the government can buy the land from willing farmers for agriculture, for starters. Ah yes, there is a huge danger of complacency and lack of accountability, in this proposal!! This has to be plugged:-).

This move may stem the move to convert arable land from getting into SEZ mode to SAZ (Special Agricultural Zones). This will allow the government to decide appropriate crops for the region with land suitability mapping data.

Would love comments /ideas from readers of the post:-)

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