September 13, 2011

Trendz in Bollywood

Gone are the times when we got to know about the movie on the Friday of its release... that was two decades ago... Then came the time when the main actors began giving titbits while doing interviews for Cine magazines, to just prove a point on how busy they wereJ. Soon that changed and we had the directors and actors promoting and marketing their movies a month in advance through road shows and interviews in News channels at prime timeJ - a media blitzkrieg was their mantra. Soon, many got very intelligent and relied on generating a controversy 2 weeks prior to a movie release to ensure a 'hit'. Some two bit guys still adopt this practice, todayJ

Today, the scene is all too blurred and confusing.... we get to hear and see posters of movies that is yet to start shoot, for which shooting is in progress, movies which have their official music /audio launch, movies that are scheduled for release a month from now, and of course, movies that are showing in cinemas... This is all so confusing, and by the time a movie is released, we have heard /seen /read so much from the hero, heroine, producer and whoever is connected with the movie, that we wonder if we have already seen it!! For example, the papers are full of Bodyguard (released), Mere brother ki dulhan (released), Mausam (scheduled for a release), RaOne (scheduled for a release), Heroine (yet to be shot), Agent Vinod (shooting in progress), etc etc. See my point?

And the best part is, most of them don't stand apart (much like the actresses – you can’t tell one from the otherJ), nor do they make any original stuff. All play safe in doing remakes from other regional movies or from good old Hollywood. So much for marketing and hype and noise! ‘Wonder if an MBA is behind all this!! 

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Raji said...

Read in an interview by an IAF officer that there were no objections at all from IAF with regards to the movie, Mausam, only a suggestion to improve a fight sequence mid-air, to make it look more realistic. How desperate to create 'hits':-)