September 7, 2011

Another blast and the all too familiar reactions from our leaders

I refer to the bomb blast outside the Delhi high court this morning. A quick scan of the news report and we have the usual standard responses. The words seem all empty and far from they ought to mean.

Mr. R. Chidambaram says the NIA will investigate the bomb blast and also added that there was no intelligence report to warn him of the blast!! He expects an email 24 hour in advance, I think. Mr. Advani has condemned the attack and asked for citizens to be united! Now, what could that mean? J & K CM is quoted to have condemned the bomb blast! Isn't that but obvious. I wonder why our leaders make it a point to condemn the attack. Can anyone compliment it or support it?? I wonder why our leaders engage in this display of profoundity.

Going by recent past events, Anna Hazare may ask for the perpetrators of the crime, to be hanged! (Wonder if Team Anna have other ideasJ) I dread to think what Arnab will say at Newshour tonight. He may have his 10 questions ready by now.

We all know what our PM will say, "I am not aware"; but to give him credit, he is touring Bangladesh and may therefore be excused for speaking the truth.

Since the blast has happened in New Delhi, we will be spared the usual dose of how resilient the Mumbaikars areJ


Arvind Passey said...

Who says that the blasts are a 'lullaby for the Govt.'?

Lullabies are for toddlers needing a singing incentive to go to sleep. This Govt. is like a big , smelly, belching hulk that is snoring while the nation burns!

Arvind Passey

Hariharan Valady said...

Yes same sequence. Familiar reactions. Manmohan Singh has described this a "cowardly" act. I wonder how such a brazen act could be cowardly?

Anonymous said...

Delhi will go back to its routine too -- at least the common man and the labourer will have to, while the Parliament adjourns and the MPs take a well deserved holiday for ignoring the ever present threat to the nation from terror attacks.

Anonymous said...

yeah, am getting quite tired of the spirit of the city type comments. we aren't courageous- we are just oblivious as long as it isnt one of us!

Chintan said...

the last statement :) first time on your blog, following now...