September 18, 2011

Smartphones are for smart people!

Recently, yours truly made the transition to a smartphone, yeah, the bug got me too... Since its a transition from a humble Nokia 6233 (a great phone) to a smartphone, I was told to get a mid range phone, to get the hang of things (read my husband didn't want to buy me iphoneJ). Well, being a good girl I bought the argument and got myself a Samsung Galaxy Ace...

Believe me, its funny initially... I felt a total rustic...and there is no manual to get going. To beat it, the salesman couldn't even demonstrate making a call as my sim card was too old and couldn't be read by the 'smartphone'J.

Thus began my saga of learning to use the phone... it’s now a month and I must say I have become a lot smarter

J. I certainly haven't learnt all about it yet, but I must say graduating to a smartphone can be a challenge for some. Right from receiving a call, to forwarding a text, is completely different. But once you know how to do them, it’s a breeze... Oh yes, there were moments in the first couple of days when I wondered why I invited this needless complication in my lifeJ. And to top it, the phone would switch off and seemed to have a mind of its own... I realized there was something to do with the settings but I was so tempted to go to shop and complain. Another problem is with managing contacts. As it syncs all your Fb and Gmail contacts, there is quite a bit of confusion if you have more than one person with similar nameJ.

A quick googling solved my problem of the phone switching off and I realized there were many people across the world who had similar experiences and there were the wise geeks who shared the solutions... Yes, it’s fun learning and exploring the phone... As someone said, learning to use a touchscreen is an intuitive process unlike the regular basic phones.  And without a doubt, I will like to state that smartphones can turn even dummies, smart!

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