September 23, 2011

Social media & upgrades

Like most people, I have parked myself in cyberspace and signed up for Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, LinkedIn & Google+ accounts. I am fairly active on Fb and blogger but haven't used the others much. Not that I prefer these over the rest, just happens to be so, right now... Yes, there are days when I find facebook boring and listless with inane status updates or filled with PJs. But I have got back in touch with close friends from school and college through Fb, so it does have its place. And if you want to catch news, logging into Fb and twitter will keep you abreast of the newsmakers, be it in politics, sports or science. Blogging, for me, is more a relaxing hobby and not to be with the herd, so to speak. I discovered my love for writing and to be able to share my thoughts.

Recently, I have just got myself an Android based phone and learning about the Android market... the buzz all around me is App and was feeling so left out! While its all fun, I just realised how we are all programmed, these days! Today, these gadgets and media are so part of our life, much like a television was in 1970s in India, I guess.

Being updated and getting periodic upgrades are now a way of life... a few months without these and you will find yourself alone! Just got me thinking on how fragile and vulnerable we are letting ourselves be, emotionally. Strong family bonds, and catching up with real friends will actually be more satisfying and relaxing but these have been short-changed and substituted with a make believe, fast paced, largely virtual world, that actually makes our lives more complicated, restless, and emotionally weak.

The mature, balanced and strong-willed see through these illusory lifestyle, but the weak and unstable people are the ones who become victims. 

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India's no.1 blog said...

I guess the moral of the story is to draw a limit your indulgence and try and get some good benefits out of for example some of FB friends post links to insightful news articles or other updates that i might have otherwise missed...