September 9, 2011

Miracles - Indiashtyle

As we come to the end of the Ganpathi festival, I hear people praying for miracles, everywhere:

·         The Indian cricket team has been praying since July
·         The Congress Party is asking for a miracle to disentangle from Lokpal, anti corruption movement, CAG reports, Supreme Court, Amar Singh, etc.. (the list gets added every hour)
·         The BJP is not sure what they want, so they want a miracle for clarity of mind
·         Mayavati has asked her Dalit God to punish the anti dalit Assange this moment
·         DMK (an atheist party) is secretly asking for a miracle to keep their leaders in thier homes and not in prisons
·         Corporates want a miracle to get the government to start reforms in earnestness
·         Media channels want a big scam or a bomb blast / hoax every day, to justify their existence

The Gods’ reply, so far...

·         Gods sent Messi to India to divert people from cricket
·        Since the Congress party list is too long, for now, he has sent them their Prez back. Sent Agnivesh and Kejriwal for Silence courses... working on the other demands on the list.
·         Advani has been asked to do what he can do best... go on a Rath Yatra
·         Mayavati has been mollified by hiring Assange as her cook cum house keeper
·         DMK patriach has been asked to become ‘God loving’ if he wanted miracles from HIM!
·        Corporates have been asked to first observe reforms within their company and refrain from staying in Antilla style mansions
·         Media houses have been asked to report news as it is, and not 'create news'

Ganpathi Bappa Morya, Mangala Murthi Morya!!

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India's no.1 blog said...

Jai Ganeshji...the nation has also been praying for giving us clean politics and visionary leaders:)..hope this wish comes true :)