September 2, 2011

News channels want another campaign to be led by Team Anna

Apparently, news channels have gotten together for the first time, and agreed to shelve their egos and differences (much like the political parties) to debate and plan for improving viewership on their channels. Since this topic is on survival strategies, the media guys have agreed to chalk out a common strategy to "create news" (aka common minimum programme).

All of them have realised the current trending topic to be Team Anna and have zeroed down to having them start another round of their media blitzkrieg... Apparently, the point of discussion now veers on the title of the campaign. While Arnab wants a campaign on "Action taken Reports" on CAG findings, Rajdeep has shot the idea down as it will give one channel too much limelight. Karan Thapar wants to grill every Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha MP with Team Anna on the sidelights, at the Ramlila. Shekar Gupta disagrees and considers it not newsworthy, suggests walking with a bunch of them. Barkha Dutt apparently suggested a roadshow with Team Anna in every state, to be covered within 15 days and requested they take up local state/town issues. Sagarika Ghose shot it down and thought it to be boring. Prannoy Roy was conspicuously absent from the deliberations.

After two days of intense brainstorming and cerebral discussions, they decided to approach Team Anna themselves for ideasJ. All of them came in for a rude shock when Team Anna told them that they were choc-a-bloc till end of 2012 as they have offers from across the world to start campaigns for serious issues like "Right to Leave" in some European countries; USA has signed them on to show the world on how only USA can save the world from global economic crises; UK is negotiating with the Team to bring back the lost glory of England after they started playing second fiddle to USA; etc etc. The Mayans are keen to rope them into a month long agitation on the Apocalypse in Dec 2012!!

Needless to say the media barons came back to their studios, hugely disappointed at the missed opportunities to increase TRPs. Unconfirmed reports said the apparent bonhomie and truce amongst them has been called off and a huge wrestling match ensued with quite a few of them requiring emergency hospitalization. The Indian citizen is hence saved!

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Hariharan Valady said...

Hilarious! I do not know when the TV channels will become sane.