March 4, 2011

Capitalism: A Love Story

I hadn't heard about this movie, just chanced into watching it at home... Its extremely well taken and has Michael Moore excelling himself, in making documentaries. This one, by far, is far more appealing and extremely poignant. The amazing real life stories of people who have have been affected by the recent collapse of the banking industry and various other stories of families that he brings together, is a revelation!! 

Apart from raising the issues of the extent to which Capitalism has taken roots in the social fabric of US, he has raised some very valid points of the human greed and the decadence that Corporations have reduced themselves to, all in the name of shareholder wealth, profits, etc. Such heinous unethical stories from a "so-called developed" country is far too much. 

Michael Moore has very neatly captured the context of US economy booming, post WW II, and how wrongly it was presumed that Capitalism was responsible for the boom, whilst it was the lack of competition from Japan and Germany that actually tilted in US' favour and the fab story couldn't continue after these two countries were on the rebound.

I am most amazed at how the US Prez can now stand up and point fingers at any other country for human rights violations, terrorism, unlawful practices, unethical laws etc etc. Michael Moore has brought out the plight of middle class America, that the outside world seldom get to see. We either get overdoses of the big cats at New York financial markets, or the absolute poor who are on social security. 

Anybody who wants to learn how America is run, must watch this movie.

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