March 21, 2011

Peepli Live - a class apart in Bollywood

Managed to see Peepli Live only yesterday, a good eight months after its release.. I am so glad I finally could watch it at home. Its about farmers' plight is most Indian villages and captures the ways of Indian politicians, and the Indian media in continuing and exploiting the situation. Such a serious subject but handled in a very light hearted manner and yet leaving the viewer with thought provoking questions.. 

Only Aamir Khan can come up with such fine productions. He has brought glory to Indian Cinema through this film and hats off to him. He has shown that Indian viewers do appreciate good films and they need not be pure art films nor the usual commercial crap that is dished out to the masses. 

The movie captures how the media houses are polarised across political parties, how they fight to do exclusive stories without having any sensitivity of the very people on whom the stories are done.. It captures how callous and insensitive the politicians are in passing the buck to another department or the state or central government.

The movie is about a story of how a farmer contemplates taking his life to avail the compensation his family would get if he commits suicide. Yet, the politicians are not concerned about the agrarian crises in the country and the plight of farmers, all they focus is on their survival and upcoming elections. And the media look at it as a story to roll out for the next week and jostle about for exclusives stories and leads. The media houses fight over this story to boost their TRPs and therefore please their bosses and sponsors.

The entire movie is filmed with class, much like any other foreign movie, and has a good run time of 1 hour and 40 minutes. So, it brings the awareness on the burning issue of the Indian farmer and yet entertains. A must watch for any movie buff. 

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