March 7, 2011

Magnetic North Pole Shifts & Indians

For some strange reason I am extremely fascinated by articles on the magnetic north/south poles and their movements and their possible implications on our lives. Many a times, these news stories read like science fiction which probably is the reason why it interests me so greatly, but increasingly, I am more and more convinced that some dramatic changes may happen in 2012/13. There seem to be far too many pointers from many reports including from NASA on various shifts, re alignments, etc. Infact, a couple of months ago,I did a post on the Mayan calendar. More than anything, I want something dramatic to happen as it will be far too interesting to be there when they happen, than read about something that's likely a million / thousand years later:-).

Today, my eyes caught on to the report that the magnetic north pole which is somewhere in the wilderness in Canada is moving towards Siberia at a faster rate than ever before, at the rate of 65 km/year!! Apparently, this will have huge implications on our lives and maybe even "flip", causing compasses to invert! Wow!! You can read the full story here

While NASA and many scientists say there will be little or no impact of such flips:(, it makes for a good story and doomsayers will have a field day.

I would like to wonder how Indians will take these changes. Maybe some /all  of the following scenarios may happen:
  1. The orthodox may consult astrologers and probably change the direction in which their Puja room lamp is lit
  2. Some superstitious Indians may want to change the direction in which they sleep
  3. The Vaasthu freaks will have to reinvent the wheel and do a fresh round of renovations / constructions to have their homes /offices vaasthu compliant. Vaasthu experts will love this!
  4. Some may want their horscopes redrawn. Astrologers will love this!
  5. Some Indians will quote Nostradamus and say that this shift will bring more crude to India, as he had predicted:-)
  6. Doomsayers will say that Kaliyug will come to an end and look northwards for a man on a white horse to save them!

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