March 10, 2011

My blog is turning 3!!

I just realised that my blog is turning three! Seems like I have just begun to get a hang of blogging! I had a quick look at the number of posts and I am well past 200.. I seem to have rambled along quite frequently:-), without a clue:-)

Very surprisingly (for me), majority of my posts are on current affairs! I didn't know my interests in current affairs till I started to blog:-) And the pleasant surprise has been how enjoyable it is - to blog; I mean, its freedom of expression in the best possible way. Ah yes, there is recent murmur to regulate the content of blogs in India, much like they do in many other restrictive countries:-(. But lets keep our fingers crossed. Blogging, in my opinion is here to stay, Fb and twitter can't be substitutes, as many others seem to think. There is so much of individuality here, creativity and everybody can get to be as close to being a journo as possible. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against FB and twitter, they have their place and usefulness, just that they can't be compared to a blog.

Nett, nett, blogging has become a part of my life, little did I imagine that it would be the case. And the hidden talent of my writing skills has taken me by surprise, in some posts. I am not being very modest, am I...

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