February 28, 2011

Jasmine Revolution

We have all been following the news in Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, Egypt and that the unrest is largely led by citizens which are mostly student-led. The underlying issue seems to me misrule, corruption, inflation, unemploymnet, at intolerable levels... Many of us will wonder how much longer before many more countries join this revolution:). It is indeed very tempting and ideal to believe that such uprisings and unrest will solve the real problems. I do have my doubts, but they do, no doubt, serve as huge deterrents for subsequent leaders to amass wealth at the cost of governance.

Yesterday, I read Swaminomics which had another angle to the unrest. You can read the article here. It is very insightful and brings another set of dynamics into play in the region which is fraught with many, many problems and agendas for many countries to interfere and dictate their preferences for bringing so-called "Peace" to the region.

In the meanwhile, I wonder why the name "Jasmine revolution".. whilst the internet speaks of the various colour revolutions from rose to orange to lotus to white to green revolutions in various parts of the world, it is still not clear why this is called the 'Jasmine Revolution'. Can anybody throw some light in the etiology of the term?

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