March 6, 2011

A case of Misplaced Activism??

Off-late, I have been having serious discussions on democracy and governance with my family and I am surprised at how different our viewpoints are... I see absolutely no point having democracy for the sake of "democracy", if it does not translate to good governance. I guess, having such luxuries (of democracies), and not necessarily "good governance" can be considered in highly developed and rich countries, if at all, not in a country like India, where we need to optimise on all our resources. 

Adding to that discussion was my utter revelation on how USA is run by the large Corporations and how wonderful democracy is, through the eyes of Michael Moore's documentary!!

And today, I read Gurucharan Das's point of view in a very well written article. He has brought out very elegantly, the need for India and China to maintain their current growth rates, although the western world will like it otherwise, and even put us through a guilt-trip of causing ecological harm, due to this high growth rate. And how our so-called activists jump the gun and start demonstrations and attempt stalling projects, all at the cost of huge losses, without understanding the real issues and dynamics!! I really liked the point GD makes about continuing the current growth rates, if only to feed our respective poor, and get them out of penury and abject poverty conditions that they are subjected to.

All this points to having good governance as the need of the hour, rather than democracy, in India! Would love comments from readers

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Deguide said...

The four pillars of democracy is Parliament, Press, Judiciary and Police......are we sure that justice will be ensured by our Judiciary without bias or on strength of money power, or press influenced by lobbying, or Police under pressure from political big wigs. Parliament seems supreme till date.