March 28, 2011

Muhammad Yunus and Nobel Peace Prize - decoded

Lot of us have been reading about Muhammad Yunus being recently overthrown from Grameen Bank that he founded, and even won a Nobel Peace Prize for it. I never got to know further details and was curious on the real reasons behind his ouster. There was a column in the Times of India yesterday by an Economist from Columbia University who seems to know a lot more than many of us on this subject.

While I have no first hand knowledge on the issue between the two leaders, I like the article for giving some details to readers. A revelation was the huge grant from Norway to the Grameen Bank and apparently the losses were covered up with the huge sums of money he received from abroad. The second revelation, although, not surprisingly, the interference of US in the internal affairs of Bangaldesh. Apparently, the US Secretary of State, Ms. Hillary Clinton has taken the side of Mr. Yunus and is behaving completely in contradiction to the stated US policy of "non interference to friendly, democratic countries"

This is a rather disturbing trend. One, the fact that Nobel Peace Prizes are won, not by merit or worthiness, but by intense lobbying and international policy dictated by powerful countries, mainly the USA. Secondly, the increasing interference of the US in almost every country! The India cables' Wikileaks have further revealed what was always suspected to be US policy. Isn't it shocking that the Cabinet Ministers of the world's largest democracy is decided in Washington DC? Please don't get me worng, I ain't no Communist and don't belive in them at all, infact, I abhor them and their ways.

But, can this kind of sham and levels of hypocrisy be worse? Where are we heading? How much longer do we all have to suffer and subjugate ourselves to the US? What are so-called International, supposedly, neutral bodies like the United Nations doing?

Isn't it time all other countries get together and stop this Big brother behavior by the US?

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