April 19, 2010

A void

Most of us may have heard of the Management Guru, C K Prahalad. He was one of my only favourites in the area of Management. With due respect to the rest, most played within their crease, in cricketing parlance (I sure am watching too much cricket:)), CKP always came up with theories that related to all spheres and sectors and was very fundamental and yet very original, in nature.

After he came up with his theories on Core Competence and Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, these past months he had been dwelling on sustainability that overrides all theories. I remember reading up his interview a few months ago in the Economic Times and doing a post.. Ah, here it is for those who missed it...

I wish he had given this theory more shape and direction. We are certainly poorer today as we don't have him around, to give us the vision that he had. I really think India has lost a mentor in him and it will be hard to fill the void. Hopefully, we live his ideas and vision and do justice to his contributions.

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