April 16, 2010

Whose IPL is it anyway...

There is so much action 'off the pitch' with regards to the IPL this season, viewers have the luxury to opt for the most entertaining:).. This is actually a good thing - having so much choice. Personally, I am quite bored of the sub standard reporting in news channels and none of the other channels showing movies or soaps interest me. So, offlate I am glued to Sony Set Max every evening and this past week, have been switching back and forth, with news channels covering the Modi -Tharoor - Modi - Sunanda Pushkar drama.

Its really amazing how much muck there is for each one of them to hide!! Actually IPL has gone beyond a game of cricket, to an entertainment extravaganza, more on the lines of WWF shows that used to be a rage among boys few years back. It appears so stage managed, there is glitz and glamour and bollywood and now underworld nexus, not to mention the ubiquitous politicians... What more can one ask for!!

I happened to be chatting with somebody who very casually mentioned that everything is fixed and is done very discreetly. When I suggested that viewers may wane after a point, he said nonchalantly that viewers come to watch the game much like they go out for a movie.. they get their money's worth!! He may well have a point there but there is a big difference. Movies don't have any pretensions of doing anything for the sake and honour of any region /country etc.. they simply attempt at entertainment. But in cricket, IPL etc., there is this added 'playing for honour' that gives it another dimension and kindles some patriotic fervour... this may take some beating as people don't take kindly to being cheated..

My take of IPL 3 so far, has been pretty entertaining although some matches do seem to have very strange happenings and endings.. Be that as it may, IPL 3 can be hailed as quite successful. But the last week of the season is  marred with controversies and scams that may see some dipping in TRP ratings as we approach the grand finale of the IPL season.

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Meena said...

Thanks to the IPL action off the field I almost detest the front pages in the news papers.

You are right IPL is an entertainment only more like a circus ??