April 6, 2010

Bollywood shows the way for Hollywood?

I happened to watch a movie, The Proposal, last night. It was billed as a romantic comedy and I thought it might be good fun. It was alright, but I got the feeling that I was watching a typical Hindi masala film! While its good timepass, I was clearly expecting more from a romantic comedy. I realised I was under the wrong impression - that many Hindi movies are Hollywood remakes, or, atleast inspired by Hollywood hits!! Clearly, I am mistaken.. Reminds me of a discussion I had with friends some time back, who are ardent movie buffs of film festivals of Korea, France etc.. They enlightened me about how Hollywood copies movies made by French /Korean cinema and how awesome the original movies were!!

The bottomline is what we've known all along... that USA is very good in marketing whatever they do, originals or otherwise.. movies or machines or printers (recently I was exposed to a funda that Canon printers are 'value for money' but HP is the market leader and they don't even make them - they buy the Canon printers and simply market them:-)) All of us have a lot to learn from US.

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