April 5, 2010

Who doesn't love Limelight?

Our Central Ministers not only love the limelight but want overdoses of it each day:-). Particularly a couple of them... Every day, they come out with bombastic ideas that are anything from practical and implementable. I mean, if all it took was ideas, to rate a Minisiter, and not its implementation, >50% of the population are eligible and competent to become Minsiters!! See what I mean??

One of them goes into a function that doesn't have an Aircon and suddenly discovers India had archaic, barbaric laws!! Wonder if the thought would have occurred to him in a room with Aircon:-). He goes on to make headlines each day with the amazing assumption that he knows everything about everything!! He even makes a unwarranted statement that we must measure his Ministry's performance based on the number of Rejections!! I find him comical.. Political satirists and cartoonists are having a field day:-). How would we like it if the Visa Officer from US Consulate asks us to judge him on the number of applicants rejected!! Will we like to hear that??

And we have another who wants to transform education and the social fabric of India overnight. I was watching a debate or was it a discussion (how does one describe The Big Fight on NDTV?)... He was summarily dismissive of every question posed... If he has answered all questions and taken care of all challenges with the RTE Act, then why do academicians and education professionals have issues with the Act? Has he ever wondered?? Some weeks ago, he announced that Deemed Univs will be closed and  then he had to go slow and has almost retracted..

What's with these people?? Are they competing amongst themselves to see who is the more comical in the cabinet

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