April 22, 2010

Unintended Spinoffs from IPL

Like many Indians, the number of hours I spend watching the IPL matches this past month is more than what I would do in two years put together!!! So, naturally, there are some unexpected upsides for me... some of the advertisements are very creative and brilliant. I am not sure if they will make me buy the product but they do make me laugh and entertain while they last:-). The recent series of DOCOMO campaigns are lovely... my particular favourite is the interview... the interviewee is made to look like a total timepass youth and has typical answers of this generation. To as many as five important questions, his answers are in the negative... but he is hired!! Check this out

The Zoozoos from Vodafone are simply brilliant! My favourites are the ones on 'call filter', 'job alerts', 'train schedules'.. Those  of you who are not in India can catch them on the links here.

I am not sure if I will miss the cricket after 25th April, but will surely miss the commercial breaks and strategic time outs:-). Hey, I ain't part of betting mafia, just plain cricket buff;-)... (heard that commercial breaks these days have an all together new dimension:-))

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