April 17, 2010

Popcorn Magic

There are always some movies that we missed watching for various reasons and one of them for me was the Gods must be Crazy. I had heard a lot about the movie and I had high expectations and I managed to finally get the DVD home (one of the rare times, I got to accompany hubby to the library) and settle down with some popcorn and peanuts. The IPL match yesterday was not to my interest and decided to skip it.

Its a nice movie taken from the perspective of the Bushmen of Africa. So, its quite entertaining mostly, except in some parts where it becomes a little too tacky. Its quite a short movie and easily gives us a lot of insights about the way we live from a bushman perspective... Made me realise how innocent their lives are and ours is so complicated... Quite cute and endearing the bushman becomes by the end of the movie..

And yes, ActII popcorn is delicious, don't ask me if its GM or not, I don't mind it.

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