June 29, 2011

Doing good comedy is tough

Comedy brings humour into our lives but being good at it is just not funny:-). I recently happened to read in the paper on the mushrooming of stand-up comedians in India. The article had few of their best jokes... Some were ok, most were not funny and some had the yuck factor!! Don't get me wrong, I am not being snooty, but after seeing Seinfeld to have to watch these, is an insult to the audience and to comedy per se.
We do have some good clean comedy in theatre and movies, rare though.. Recently, I chanced into reading a site - fakingnews.com, a wonderful satire on India. Amazing how somebody has the time to write so much, and its good read! Its very topical and only those of us following news related to India will actually understand the satire. Bernard Shaw, the ultimate satirist would approve, I am sure.

Satire is even more difficult than plain comedy.. its subtle, witty, intelligent, yet entertains. No wonder your truly likes it best;-). How I enjoyed the humour of Yes Minister series:).. Brits are clearly the best at it, I guess... We do have our own desi ones.. Cyrus' programme on the "Week that wasn't" is pretty good on some days... And we do have Sidhuisms in cricket, although some border on being vulgar or mean; subtlety and Siddhu can't go together, I guess.

R. K. Laxman's cartoons simply stand out from the rest. He is simply brilliant. He was good at both, the caricature and the satire. I used to catch his joke everyday in the Times, even if I didn't have time for the headlines! And his collection series of the "You said It" cartoons of the "common man"are simply outstanding... If you go through them, you realise you have actually caught up with all the trials and tribulations and politics in post independence India

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Vineeth said...

Not sure if you already know but Jerry Seinfeld's website http://www.jerryseinfeld.com/ has three shot clips every day from his pieces.