July 6, 2011

Only in India!

There is in an uproar in Chennai over the killing of a 13 year old boy, he got shot when  scaling the wall of the Army campus. And why was he there in the first place? He was stealing almonds from the tree insideJ. The jawan / officer (?) has certainly over-reacted in shooting the boy, instead, of reprimanding him, but the public reaction borders on the ridiculous. That the boy ought not to be trespassing or stealing from inside the campus is all forgotten... The public want the jawan / officer to be handed over to them!! And even the State Government is baying for the his blood..Why, pray?

What do they want from him? What will the public do when they get their hands on him? Lynch him, most probably. One wrong cannot be set right by another. This is an important principle we all need to bear in mind. Actually, we need to put pressure on the Army and get them to initiate action against the jawan / officer, instead, we behave so irresponsibly. Such a response is so typical of India! Its always a knee-jerk, band aid reaction that we love to exercise, and make a hue and cry about. And promptly, these very 'public' will forget the whole episode in few days. My point is neither of these reactions are wise.

As I was cruising on the IT corridor yesterday, I had to slow down as a mob crossed over.. oh yeah, they were crossing under an overhead footbridge:-). Public (in this case, pedestrians) often break rules and get let off but the bad guys are the ones in cars / bikes... I wondered what would happen if my car had touched or hit one of them, as its hard to apply sudden breaks at high speeds... No guesses here, yours truly would get abused / beaten by the rest, and languish in the police station for a few hours,  and be let off after paying a compensation or bribe:-) [aha, civil society members, don't read this line:-)]. But the point is the pedestrian ought to have used the footbridge in the first place, built just for him to cross the road!

I truly empathise with the all those who are often, for no fault of theirs, are made to pay a price!

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