June 22, 2011

Change is the only Constant

Philosophically speaking, change is inevitable and is supposed to be the only Constant! Infact, most of the challenges we face in life is when we resist change:). This is so true, isn't it? Some of us welcome change in some areas and resist in some:). Change often gets us out of boredom, gets enthusiasm back in our life. Take music for example, we listen to different genre, based on our moods, weather, time of day etc. We like to party on some days and some days, we love to be left by ourselves. Even the cuisine, its plain Indian some days or some exotic Orient / Chinese / Italian, on some days.

Often, our accessories speak for our moods.. While our personality doesn't change drastically, we use accessories to speak our different moods... We are a colourful personality and play many roles during the day. We are formal at work and the opposite with family and friends. Recently, I tried out a pair of coloured contacts and loved it... Women have always had opportunities to accessorise but today, there are options for both, men and women.. To cater to our moods, we do have interesting products:
  • mobiles that come in different colours
  • watch straps to add colour
  • sarees with different colour options
  • coloured contact lenses
  • laptops with interchangeable covers
Go on, try these out and its sure to be fun:). And perhaps, we would also be well equipped to adapt to changes in our life, easily.

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