June 10, 2011

Movietime folks!

Well, after a couple of serious articles on Lokpal and Freedom of Expression, I want to tell you guys that yours truly, also engages in entertainment activities... All my friends were raving about a tamil movie Kho, that's showing for about 2 months now... Everyone I asked said its great and a family entertainer and good clean fun, etc.etc. Also, my research on the net confirmed these views.... So, with great expectations and anticipation, we went for it. As you may have guessed, it was a huge let down. So, fellas, those who are still planning to go watch, do yourselves a favour, pass it completely. Alright, it does have a different storyline but the movie is so badly taken and completely lacks class... To be different, the movie often bordered on being too contrived...

There is so much violence and gore and fights, that it beats me to think this movie is hailed as a family entertainer!! Either I am completely disconnected with the current moviegoers or the other movies currently showing or recently released, are even worse!!. So, people seem to like this..

Its a perfect example of how a nice story can be killed and made boring by extremely poor direction. Music is also pathetic, as has been the case in all tamil movies for some years now. And it runs for 3 full hours. Nett nett, go for it if you like the food in the theatre or if there is a power cut in your home:-)

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Raji said...

Read today that Akshay Kumar is interested in buying the rights and doing a remake of the movie 'Kho'. I would rather Aamir Khan do it. I would gladly go and watch it then!