June 15, 2011

Life is Colourful

Can you imagine life in black and white? Just running through past memories of events conjures up colourful images in our brain. Even philosophically, there is no black and white, its all various shades and hues of colour, in between black and white:-). Ah yes, black and white does have an old world charm and is good to see once in while but its the colour that brings Life to a picture, be it our family album, World history, movies, simply anything! Just imagine a picture of you playing Holi in black and white, for example? It just wouldn't be able to bring back the entire scene vividly, as much as a colour snap would.

Lets take our daily routine and see how dependent we are on colour to brighten up our life:
  • Lets take the formal reports that we prepare in our offices. There maybe just a dash of colour in the logo in one corner of the page but it does add to the overall presentation and appeal of the document. The technology in printers have really improved and are a far cry from the inkjets and lasers of yesteryears. Check out the HP laserjet site for their latest offerings!
  • And surely we use colourful powerpoint templates to impress our audience:). Imagine black and white presentations... will have a retro feel but cannot capture our interest 100%.
  • And imagine your life as a creative / graphics designer in an era of black and white!! You will have your task cut out and have to work much harder on your designs... But with colour, a simple stroke carelessly thrown in, can make all the difference to your designs.
  • And imagine teaching without colour! A simple guide to bird watching or a book on flora and fauna of a region is a good tool for a nature lover, if its in colour, and can replace hundreds of words.
  • We now have lovely colourful options with textures, for doing up the walls of our home /office unlike drab and fewer options a decade ago. The wall hangings add to the ambience. We have one at home that every guest with an eye for Art says is the most arresting in terms of the choice of colours used.
  • Imagine MF Hussain and his ilk! What would they do without colour in their profession:) - pun intended:-)

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Someone is Special said...

thoughtful post.. and of course life has to be colourful.. and will my life be colourful

Someone is Special